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ClodhopperF005554PDBHL47inFFRvwComet Model Co1938Kit plan with parts
Cloud ChaserF005555PDBHL28inFFRvdOtt Joe1931A-Frame
CloudlineF005556PDBHL40inFFRvdThomson F SAeromodeller1943-03-MarDuration
Club MothF005557PDBHL18inFFRvdModel Aerodrome BirminghamOld blue line plan
ColibriF005558PDBHL19 3/4 inFFRspClassens RogerZaic Year Book 19341934Half size drawing
ColumbiaF005559PDBHL32inFFRscBRFModel Aircraft Engineer1934Golden Age repro plan. Actually looks more like non flying scale model?
CombatF005560PDBHL32inFFRvd Bamber RaymondWorcraft
Commonwealth BoomerangF005562PDBHL16inFFRscSkyleada
Comper SwiftF005563PDBHL18inFFRscSmith PhilVeronAll parts are here.
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