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Class CF005543PDBHL30inFFRvdFulmer WayneZaic Year Book1938
Class C Fuselage ModelF005544PDBHL34inFFRvdSchumacher RichardZaic Year Book 19371934Duration - Terry Rose drawing
Class C Stick ModelF005545PDBHL17 1/2 inFFRspSaunders W W1939Drawing faded but can be copied
Class C Twin PusherF005546PDBHL35inFFRuSchmaedig CarlA-Frame redrawn in 1982
Class D Twin PusherF005547PDBHL38 1/2FFRuSimmers WallyZaic Year Book1935A-Frame
CleoF005548PDBHL33 3/4 inFFRvdSheaff J BPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
ClimbaxF005549PDBHL30inFFRvdAllen GAeromodeller1945-01-JanPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
ClimberF005550PDBHL44 1/2FFRvdLamb EdwardMAN1941-12-Dec
ClipperF005551PDBHL1115mmFFRvwEvans E WModel Shop1948
ClodhopperF005552PDBHL36inFFRvCahill JimRN ModelsReduced scale to 75%. No formers for fus.
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