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ClipperF005551PDBHL1115mmFFRvwEvans E WModel Shop1948
ClodhopperF005552PDBHL36inFFRvCahill JimRN ModelsReduced scale to 75%. No formers for fus.
ClodhopperF005553PDBHL47inFFRvwCahill JimAeromodeller1937Redrawn for April 1973 mag.
ClodhopperF005554PDBHL47inFFRvwComet Model Co1938Kit plan with parts
Cloud ChaserF005555PDBHL28inFFRvdOtt Joe1931A-Frame
CloudlineF005556PDBHL40inFFRvdThomson F SAeromodeller1943-03-MarDuration
Club MothF005557PDBHL18inFFRvdModel Aerodrome BirminghamOld blue line plan
ColibriF005558PDBHL19 3/4 inFFRspClassens RogerZaic Year Book 19341934Half size drawing
ColumbiaF005559PDBHL32inFFRscBRFModel Aircraft Engineer1934Golden Age repro plan. Actually looks more like non flying scale model?
CombatF005560PDBHL32inFFRvd Bamber RaymondWorcraft
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