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Cessna C-34F005533PDBHL42inFFRscKorda DickMAN1939can be powered by .75cc
Chad 24F005534PDBHL24inFFRvdPearson Stan1995Lightweight duration
ChambermaidF005535PDBHL22inFFRvdHenn Bill1938semi-scale racer
Champ MakerF005536PDBHL24inFFRvdStruck HenryAir TrailsOn 3 A3 shts
Chance Vought 156F005537PDBHL1010mmFFRscFrench design (Bi-plane)
Chasteneufs Wakefield DesignF005538PDBHL49inFFRvwChasteneufModel Aircraft SuppliesOriginal plan
Chester's Swee PeaF005539PDBHL17inFFRscSwanson Hal
CitabriaF005540PDBHL26inFFRspClean plan but no other info. Two sheets
Class C DuplexF005541PDBHL44inFFRvdEngleman TomMAN1940Twin fin job
Class A AutogiroF005542PDBHLFFRuWarring RonAbout 15in rotor diameter
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