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SpitfireF000326PFSP20inUCGMusciano WaltAir Trails12521952-12-DecScale design for .19 cu in. OK Cub shown
Lethal LucyF000327PFSPUCGShulman LAir Trails12521952-12-DecStunt design
LightningF000327PFSPFFGDelgatto PaulAir Trails12521952-12-Dec1/2A contest design
SIPA 200F000327PFSP3VKarlstromAir Trails12521952-12-Dec
Yakovlev YAK-15F000327PFSP3VKarlstromAir Trails12521952-12-Dec
Half-Pep RacerF000328PFSPUCGGrzeszczak TAir Trails1531953-01-Jan1/2A team racer
Houn-DogF000328PFSPUCGMacy JAir Trails1531953-01-JanTrainer for .29 cu in
Minor MachF000328PFSPGHLGEhling FrankAir Trails1531953-01-JanCatapult glider with timer elevation
Tippy TimF000328PFSPFFGKochman AAir Trails1531953-01-JanClass A contest design
Douglas B-26 InvaderF000329PFSPUCGAir Trails2531953-02-FebIn AT Annual 1953 - see also F000331 & F002694
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