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Boston CoupeF005483PDBHL16inFFRiSaulsbury BrentModel Aviation1989-06-Jundesign for Bostonian rules complete with mag article.
Bostonian KnightF005484PDBHL16inFFRiSkrjanc GeraldMicrox1985-03-MarDesign for Bostonian rules.
Box CarF005485PDBHL36 1/4 inFFRvwColson StanName doubtful?
BoysterousF005486PDBHL28inFFRvBoys HowardOriginal plan
Breda 42F005487PDBHL70inFFRscMozzarini A1988-10-OctGiant rubber scale!!!!!!!
Brench's LightweightF005488PDBHL36inFFRvdBrench Frank1948Lightweight duration
Brewster Buffalo F2A-1F005489PDBHL41inFFRsc
Bristol BeaufighterF005490PDBHL28 1/2 inFFRscTowner HaroldAstral
Bristol Blenheim Mk IVF005491PDBHL28inFFRscTowner HaroldScale par excellance!
Bristol Blenheim Mk IV (Longnose)F005492PDBHL28inFFRscAstralLooks very much like Towner Harold plan but is Astral plan original?
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