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OsolongF000319PFSPFFRdBrawner BAir Trails6521952-06-Junoutdoor record holder also F000320
Indoor Microfilm WinnerF000320PFSPFFRiDelamater GAir Trails6521952-06-Jun
OsolongF000320PFSPFFRdBrawner BAir Trails6521952-06-Junoutdoor record holder also F000319
Outdoor Cabin Can't find it in Master LiF000320PFSP37inFFEarl Stahl5042Right side of plan (about 1in is missing). Chops end of fin off.
Paagan (Mini Pagan)F000320PFSPFFGDavis D?Air Trails6521952-06-Jun1/2A Paaload model
Curtiss A-3B FalconF000321PFSPUCGMusciano WaltAir Trails7521952-07-Jul1/2A scale
GopherF000321PFSPUCGDavis HAir Trails7521952-07-Julspeed model for .60 cu in
HLGF000321PFSPGHLGBrawner BAir Trails7521952-07-JulChuckie
Philly WhizF000321PFSPFFGBecker AAir Trails7521952-07-Jul1/2A contest model
SmoothieF000322PPreviewFSPUCGPalmer BobAir Trails8521952-08-AugStunt design for .29 cu in
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