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Soarer MajorF005289PDBHL60inGLKeil Kraft
SokolF005290PDBHL2700mmGLVCizek R1950Czech design full size formers scaled down plan
SokolF005291PDBHL84inGLVTemple L GAeromodellerG1991944Single A3 sht needs scaling up.
Southern SentinelF005292PDBHL56inGLVJohnson A CAeromodeller1946Redraw by Terry Rose 1999
SovaF005293PDBHL1720mmGLVCeslav Rak1950
Square Soar 72F005294PDBHL72inRCAirtronics
StariderF005296PDBHL44inGLWright M AKingston Model SuppliesTracing in 1982
Stella MarisF005297PDBHL72inGLVBrownson R F1945 One A4 sheet only needs to be scaled up
Stothers GliderF005298PDBHL60inGLVStothers K1939Fragile plan & Aeromodeller plan
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