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GrebeF005139PDBHL49 1/2 inGLN?Young RonMercuryBuild inst. But no profiles of parts
Grunau-BabyF005140PDBHL1175mmGLVLdrinaj Z1942Czech design
H.I.GullF005141PDBHL31 1/2 inGLVBryant Adrian1950Cabane mounted wing lightweight from Australia
Hagen Mk 1AF005142PDBHL74 1/2 inGL?Slope Soarer
HornetF005143PDBHL13inGLHLGHeadley JackAeromodeller1981-04-AprJet scale F-18 as chuck glider. Freebe plan.
Hot Max / Super MaxF005144PDBHL57inGL?Korsgaard JorgenAeromodeller1983-10-OctSpan is for Hot Max - Super Max is 51in. Freebe plan.
Hotspur IIF005145PDBHL36inGLVBKWMAN?Photo expanded from MAN original A4 drawing set?
Hotspur IIF005146PDBHL45inGLVWarring RonAeromodellerG3791942-10-Oct
HoverkingF005147PDBHL72inGLVGilbert PAeromodellerG3791950-06-JunSlope Soarer
I-AolaF005148PDBHLGLVGiulio Dorio1941Italian - plan in outline format - no wing no detail
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