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Glider No NameF005132PDBHL1900mmGL?Lanfray ChristianCLAP du Lycee Agricole1967French champion in 1967
Glider No NameF005133PDBHL730mmGLV1943French design with inverted triangular fus.
Glider Type DF005134PDBHL850mmGLVFrench design with diamond fus. 194/50's?
GloriaF005135PDBHL800mmGL?Dansk ModelflyveDanish beginners model.
GnomeF005136PDBHL32inGLV?Young RonMercury
Golden WingsF005137PPreviewDBHL44 1/2 inGLA1Smeed VicAeromodellerG5941955-07-JulClassic beginners glider
GoldrabeF005138PDBHL1985mmGLN?Benedek GeorgeAntik model Gmbh1959German plan of Hungarian design wing scaled down
GrebeF005139PDBHL49 1/2 inGLN?Young RonMercuryBuild inst. But no profiles of parts
Grunau-BabyF005140PDBHL1175mmGLVLdrinaj Z1942Czech design
H.I.GullF005141PDBHL31 1/2 inGLVBryant Adrian1950Cabane mounted wing lightweight from Australia
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