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CosmoF005081PDBHL1640mmGLV?AviominimaElegant Italian design - shoulder wing
Cracow Mk IIF005082PDBHL72inGLVTemple L GAeromodellerG1191947-06-Jun
CubF005083PDBHL20inGLVKeil Kraftwith parts
Cue DotF005084PDBHL51inGLA1Dilly MartinAeromodellerG9091966-06-Jun
Cumulus (AH 20)F005085PDBHL1690mmGLVHansen A1947?Looks nice
D.G.178 & D.G.179F005086PDBHL1000mmRCUGiulio DorioCanard - can be sailplane or RC
Dabchick Mk IIF005087PDBHL40inGLVCameron I S1944Lightweight
DactylF005088PDBHL60inGLUHolden C MAeromodellerTG3261949-07-JulFlying Wing
DartF005089PDBHL15inGL?Frogon multiple A3 shts
DelfinF005090PDBHL2000mmGLVCizek R1949Lovely old Czech model. Plan is full size but in several bits all parts.
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