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Chuck Gliders VariousF005070PDBHLGLHLGFive different designs. Incl Butterfly Salarmi Sweepette Misguided Missile
CicognaF005071PDBHL1550mmGLVEmilio Biraghi1943Italian
Cirro-SonicF005072PDBHL34inGLV?Smith PhilVeronKit plan
Class C GliderF005074PDBHL33inGLVWeathers E JZaic Year Book1933Cabin glider with u/c!
Club InternationalF005075PDBHL51inGLV?Smyth J BModel Aerodromefor 10 oz weight International comps
CobraF005076PDBHL40inRCLiddiard RRC&MEAerobatic slope soarer
ColibriF005077PPreviewDBHL500mmGLSP1973Small French design with sheet wing tips.
Condor SoarerF005078PDBHL84inGLVClevelandHigh aspect ratio wing also 72in version
ConquestF005079PDBHL30inGLNWillis NevilleKeil Kraft
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