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Black GhostF004512PAVANZ38inUCGGrimmet MNexusControl Line model - for 2.5cc
BeatnikF004513PAVANZ56inFFGnBaguley JimModel AircraftMA3251960?Pylon Duration for 2.5 / 3.5cc
Dixielander (New)F004514PAVANZ50inFFGFuller G / Johnson RPylon improved Dixielander with Auto rudder ST.15
Ramrod 750F004515PAVANZ70inFFGnSt. Jean RonMAN1956-06-JunPylon - Pond Plan
Grumman F3F-1F004516PAVANZ33inFFRoberts Frank TMinature Aircraft Co.680Rubber Scale Model Builder 680
Humming BirdF004517PPreviewAVANZ36inFFGMacdonald AngusModelair (NZ)762Cabin. For Albon Dart / ED Baby
Hot BoxF004518PAVANZ30inFFRp30Oldenkamp JMB7773P-30 Rubber
Mercury Mentor (The)F004519PAVANZ36inFFYoung RonMercuryC218Mercury Kit cabin rubber model
Fin Mk.3F004520PAVANZ48inFFGWilson B (NZ)Cabin Semi-scale sport for FF or single ch. 1.5 / 2.5cc
WildcatF004521PAVANZ29inFFGFearnley EricMA184Semi-scale Grumman? For Albon Dart
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