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BourdonF005045PDBHL980mmGLV1949French - quite elegant small design with alterantive fus sections.
BriscolaF005046PDBHL1300mmGL?AviominimaItalian design
C Type AirsterF005047PDBHL28inGLV?Weathers E JModel BuilderSmall cabin sports model
C.B.12F005048PDBHL1790mmGLCB ParisHigh aspect ration tapered wing French design.
C.B.22F005049PDBHL1000mmGLCB ParisFrench - quite high aspect ration tapered wing.
C.B.27F005050PDBHL1600mmGLCB ParisHigh aspect ration tapered wing French design.
C.B.28F005051PDBHL1000mmGLCB ParisFrench - older style gull wing
C.B.29F005052PDBHL1500mmGLCB ParisParallel chord twin fin design fvrom France
C.B.31F005053PDBHL2000mmGLCB ParisFrench - older & elegant
C.B.33F005054PDBHL1100mmGLCB ParisJunior twin design from France.
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