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Southerner MajorF004303PAVANZ84inFFGDean Bill1948enlarged version of original by Ben Buckle
Southerner MiteF004304PAVANZ32inFFGvDean BillKeil Kraft1948Incl printed wood parts
Southern DragonF004305PAVANZ42inFFGSouthern JuniorOriginal plan no fus formers.
SparrowF004306PAVANZ33 1/2 inFFGMcCulloch ClaudeFlying Aces1943Cabin model
Spook 72F004307PAVANZ72inFFGSnyder BarneyModelcraft1938Gull wing cabin design
Spook 96F004308PAVANZ96inRCGSnyder BarneyRCM & E1938RC version by Lloyd Ressler
Sporty SeniorF004309PAVANZ60inFFGHumphreys Jack1949Bi-plane
StandbyF004310PAVANZ78inFFGJeffrey BobZaic Yearbook1938Humith Plans Service
State ChampionF004311PPreviewAVANZ54inFFGGregory Ted1950Paaload cabin design
StentorianF004312PAVANZ72inFFGvSmith PhilVeron1947Big cabin job for Stentorian engine
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