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Slick 66F004293PAVANZ66inFFGBurgess BillModel BuilderMB79521949Pylon
SlickerF004294PAVANZ42inFFGDean BillKeil Kraft1947Mills 1.3 shown - no parts
Slicker 50F004295PAVANZ50inFFGDean BillKeil Kraft1947Ben Buckle plan
Slicker MiteF004296PAVANZ32inFFGvDean BillKeil Kraft1948All formers & ribs on plan. Baby of Slicker family.
Smiffy OneF004297PAVANZ48inFFGSmith F E1948-06-JunCabin power for 1cc
Smiffy TwoF004298PAVANZ72inFFGSmith F E1949Cabin power for 2.5cc
Snow WhiteF004299PAVANZ68inRCGEffinger BillW E Tech Services1937RC version of original
Snuffy 6thF004300PAVANZ49inFFGToftAir Trails1942Plecan Paul plans services
So LongF004301PAVANZ44inFFGEnglehart BillAir Trails1940CAD plan from Jim O'Reilly
So LongF004302PAVANZ54inFFGEngelhardt BillAir Trails1940-01-Jan
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