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Nationalist 560F004246PAVANZ64inFFGHauser FrankTwin City MAC1950Pylon
Nationalist 700F004247PAVANZ72inFFGHauser FrankTwin City MAC1950Pylon
Norcal IIIF004248PAVANZ48inFFGBennett Stuart1941Pylon diamond fuselage retractable gear
Norcal IIIBF004249PAVANZ66inFFGBennett Stuart1942Pylon
OutlawF004250PPreviewAVANZ50inFFGvDean BillKeil Kraft1948One of three KK classics
OverlanderF004251PAVANZ72inFFGA AnastasiouAeromodellerPET2991948-08-Augvery blue blueprint copy!
Pacer CF004252PAVANZ60inFFGTaibi SalBay Ridge1941
Pacific AceF004253PAVANZ74inFFGDenson PaulRCM10211938Cabin
Pacific CoasterF004254PAVANZ60inFFGWeathers EAir Trails1948Cabin
Petrol Duration ModelF004255PAVANZ53inFFGRay MonksModel AircraftMA181946
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