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LuluF004168PAVANZ50inGLVBarker JohnAeromodellerG3381949-11-Nov
Mini ThermalistF004169PAVANZ60inGLSPDennis BillAeromodeller1985-08-AugScaled down version of 1948 full size version by R Minney
Moby DickF004170PAVANZ82inGLVSmith EAeromodellerG3101949-01-Jan
SaintF004171PAVANZ51inGLVRichards M JAeromodellerG3011948-10-OctTwin fin tailplane
SatuF004172PAVANZ80inGLA2Bennett J M GAeromodellerG4001950-12-DecScaled up from 60in version
Sky RoamerF004173PAVANZ44inGLKeegan BAirsailPylon wing mount. Airsail Kitsets
StratusF004174PAVANZ28inGLAero ModelsAero Models Cloud Series
Temple TributeF004175PAVANZ84inGLVTemple L GAeromodellerG2001944
Vanda Mk IIF004176PAVANZ40inGLV?Frog1945-11-NovFrog Kit
WandererF004177PPreviewAVANZ56inGL?Model Airplane Supplies
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