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Pitts Special Little StinkerF000298PPreviewFSPUCGKochman AAir Trails1950-09-Sepscale design for .29 cu in
Senator - Little SenatorF000298PFSPFFGWheely CarlAir Trails1950-09-Sep1/2A contest design also in 1952 AT Annual
Buhl Bull PupF000299PFSPFFGHollinger CAir Trails1950-10-Oct1/2A scale design
Delanne Duo-MonoF000299PFSPUCGSmith CAir Trails1950-10-Octsemi-scale for .29 cu in
Peppy TrainerF000299PFSPUCGStaff Air TrailsAir Trails1950-10-OctTrainer for .09 cu in
Strato-FlashF000299PFSPFFGAndrews PAir Trails1950-10-Oct1/2A contest design
DH-60 MothF000300PFSPFFRscWinter BillAir Trails1950-11-Novcan also be UC scale but engine size?
KingletF000300PFSPUCGBeck BAir Trails1950-11-NovSport biplane
Screamliner 60F000300PFSPUCGHartlieb BAir Trails1950-11-Novspeed model for .60 cu in
Wee BeeF000300PFSPFF/UCGHunt LAir Trails1950-11-Novscale dual purpose model; for .020 cu in
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