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StearmanPT17F000293PFSPUCGYates JAir Trails4501950-04-Aprscale - Sammy Mason air show model
Velie MonocoupeF000293PFSPFFGWinter BillAir Trails4501950-04-Aprscale sport model for .020 cu in
Dawson SpecialF000294PFSPUCGStruhl DAir Trails5501950-05-Mayscale Goodyear Racer for 1/2A engine
Guided WhistleF000294PFSPUCGHughes WAir Trails5501950-05-Maystunt design
Hoosier Hot-ShotF000294PPreviewFSPRCGFoxworthy EAir Trails5501950-05-Mayfor .29 cu in
All AmericanF000295PFSPFFGWinter BillAir Trails6501950-06-Juncontest design for .19 cu in
Curtiss XPW-8F000295PFSPUCGFrake WAir Trails6501950-06-Junscale for .29 cu in
RudolphF000295PFSPFFJTXKochman AAir Trails6501950-06-JunJetex powered sailplane
Ryan NYP Spirit of St LouisF000295PFSPFFRscStruck HenryAir Trails6501950-06-Junalso AT Plan 1053A & B - see also F000345
ChallengerF000296PFSP54inFFRdBienenstein BobAir Trails7501950-07-Augvintage open Mulvihill Trophy winner
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