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Jones TrainerF003118PPreviewFSP16inFFRscBurd kitused in SS 221
MonocoupeF003119PFSPFFRscPaul Jones plan?Curtiss Candy Co1932 circafrom brochure copy used in SS221
Hawker Sea HawkF003120PPreviewFSP21inRCEMoes ChristianRCMW2011-09-SeptElectric ducted fan model
Bellanca Irish SwoopF003121PPreviewFSP3VKarlstom BjornAir Trails1972-08-Aug& article by Don Berliner
Duigan (1909)F003122PFSPRCMWPhotos & article only - no plan
Bellanca TrimotorF003123PFSPFFRscFM1990-03-Mar
Bellanca TrimotorF003124PFSPRC?scRCM1997-01-Jan
MustangF003125PFSPRC?scTop Flite kit
ThrusterF003126PFSP26inFFCO2Nougerede Cedric de laAeromodeller1987-08-Augsort of scale model of micro-light
Bootstraps AF003127PFSP28 1/2 inRCEAberle BobRCMW2011-10-OctReduced from orig design by Henry Struck of Berkeley kit
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