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Baby BoomerF000285PFSPFFGKochman AAir Trails1949-08-AugSport model for .020/.049 cu in
Piper PA-17 VagabondF000285PFSPFF/UCG/R/Reiss JAir Trails1949-08-AugMultipurpose design!
Thermal SnifferF000285PPreviewFSPRCTLGLanzo ChesterAir Trails1949-08-AugTowline RC glidre
Douglas Super DC-3F000286PPreviewFSP3VAir Trails1949-09-Sep
Long Midget MustangF000286PPreviewFSPUCGSmith CAir Trails1949-09-Sepscale design for .29 cu in
Macchi MB-308F000286PFSPFFCO2/RRusso CAir Trails1949-09-Sepcan be either rubber or CO2 powered
Roland D-2 WahlfischF000286PFSPUCGNewell DAir Trails1949-09-Sepscale
Taylor AerocarF000286PFSP3VAir Trails1949-09-Sep
NightmareF000287PFSPFFRdCasano AAir Trails1949-10-OctRubber contest model
RoscoeF000287PFSP15 3/4 inUCGFabritz EAir Trails1949-10-OctSpeed trainer model
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