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English Electric WrenF002988PFSP62inFFGscWyatt PeteAeromodellerFSP4661952-03-MarScale design of 1920s lightweight
Bell AiracudaF002989PFSPRCE?Moes ChristianRCMW2010-11-Nov
RudderbugF002990PFSP24inRCE?See F000660. Reduced span for Small Old Timers.
ScramF002991PFSPFFGMathews DocHalf size version of 1938 design by Ray Heit.
ScramF002992PPreviewFSP37inRCEAberle BobRCMW2010-11-Nov
DriftyF002993PFSPGTern Kit
Piper J3 CubF002994PFSPFFRscComet kit
Piper J3 CubF002995PFSPFFRscSterling kit
Stinson ReliantF002996PFSPFFRscSterling kit
Call Air Super CadetF002997PFSPFFRvBerkeley Kit
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