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Micro P O CF002958PFSPRCE?Aberle Bob2008-07-JulProof of concept model for micro RC
Micro Wonder WingF002959PFSPRCE?Aberle Bob2006-07-JulAfter Broggini 1952 for micro RC
Dandelion SeedF002960PFSPRCE?Prell James2006-07-JulMicro Rc
Ranger 30F002961PFSPRCE?Aberle Bob2007-07-JulModified Goldberg Ranger for micro RC
Heston RacerF002962PDBHL24inUCEEmmett JohnAeromodeller1989-09-SepActually rtp design
KomarF002963PDBHL26 1/2 inRvdZurad StanAeromodeller1967-07-JulFrom Poland
Ceiling SoarerF002964PFSPRCE?Aberle BobRCMW2010-09-Sepfor Kief 2010 contest
SatyrF002965PFSPFFGotSmola J1942Original plan digitised & prepared by Lubo Hrncar. See F007053P
Droop SnootF002966PFSPRC?Smith CalAir Trails1957-03-Marenlarged form magazine. Need AT Plan 357
Twin Pusher (Junior Birdman #4)F002967PPreviewFSPFFRvdin Sam Speaks 215
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