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No BodyF002938PFSPUCGMAN1955-01-JanCombat design. Was F000160
Piper J3 CubF002939PFSP1942Wings of Youth blueprint from factory
Interstate CadetF002940PFSPFFRscStruck HenryMAN1942-01-Jan1940 Nats winner. Plan from the
Curtiss RobinF002941PFSP24in?F001291 reduced for use in Small Old Timers website
Fairchild RangerF002942PFSPFFRscLindberg PaulPA1937-10-OctNBO - not scanned
FalconF002943PFSP96inFFGKeil Kraft kitRestoration & provided by Mephisto
Single Stick TractorF002944PFSPFFRvdBuch DannerPop. Science1928-03-MarUsed in Sam Speaks 214
Duncan Yo-Yo Model BrochureF002945PFSPUsed in Sam Speaks 214
DecalsF002946PFSPWebsite & other info on scans of old decals
Hydroplane Twin PusherF002947PFSPPond BertPop. Science1929World record holder. Old Timer Model Supply
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