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Golden BoomerangF002719PAVANZ44inFF?Bryant AdrianHobbies Illus.1946Cabin
Great NewsF002720PAVANZ79inFFGBuckleBig version of Good News
Golden EagleF002721PPreviewAVANZ45inFFGaKonefes JoeComet19382 shts. Gas antique
Golden BirdF002722PAVANZ32inFFHaf PerModel Aircraft1948Shoulder Wing
Gas HawkF002723PAVANZ55inFFGvBurgess Bill1948Pylon design for Class A/B
G E Cabinette *F002724PAVANZ48inFFGFrank Ehlingpretty cabin model no engine detail shown - should be ok for 1cc
G.E. CabinetteF002724PAVANZ36inFrank Ehling1942-06-JunMAN Cabin
Gross Flying Wing (or F000907P)F002725PFSP50inFFGB GrossPusher flying wing for Cox .049 redrawn & scaled down from original
Gross Flying WingF002725PAVANZ50inB. Gross19411/2A Texaco Drawn by Eut Tilston
Gross Flying WingF002726PAVANZ81inFFGotBernie Grossredraw of original
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