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Curtiss P-6E HawkF002594PFSPSolidSK Flyer Plan
AlertF002595PFSP52 1/2 inFFGotLa Torre MichaelAir Trails1942-12-DecOld timer
New RulerF002596PFSPFFGAir Trails1940-04-AprOld timer
American Gyro CrusaderF002597PFSPemail with links to photos & drgs
Ott Compressed Air ModelF002598PFSPFFCAOtt JoePopular Aviation1932-09-SepUsed in SAM Speaks 208
CloudbusterF002599PPreviewFSPFFGLindberg PaulPopular Aviation1939-02-FebGas antique
Ole Reliable EagletF002600PAVANZ96inFFGEggert Walter S1935Parasol R.S. Plan F.S. Ribs AMA-292. Gas antique.
Ad AstraF002601PAVANZ72inFFGMarlow L E1941Pylon old timer
Airflow BabyF002602PAVANZ42 1/2 inFFGRon WarringPrecision AircraftFor Mills 1.3 or similar
Airflow BabyF002602PAVANZ64inFFGR.H. Warring1947Enlarged version
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