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SkyrocketF002395PFSP30inFFRvJ W Jackson1936
SkyrocketF002395PFSPFFRvComet Kit
ChieftainF002396PFSPRRRvMueller PaulPopular Science1947-06-Junscan files from Mark Braunlich. Need work
Jimmy Allen Club Membership PkgeF002397PFSP
Cement MixerF002398PFSPRCGWorth JohnAir Trails1948-07-JulArticle in VCRS 105. Working ob restoring plans for John Worth
Cessna AgwagonF002399PFSPRCGdownloaded ACAD file from Internet
Astro BipeF002400PFSPRCGDunn FredNever published or kitted
RC-1 (Lanzo)F002401PFSPFF?GShereshaw Ben?AMA plan - needs redraw.
Curtiss RobinF002402PFSPFFComet KitMay be same design as published MAN 4/37 by Joe Konofes
ScalatoreF002403PFSP1470mmFFGEliseo TrevisanL'Aquilone1942Italian pylon design & for 1/2A Texaco by V Pecorari.
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