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Arado AR-68F000239PFSPRCGLanzo ChesterMAN1961-12-DecScale model for .45 cu in motor
Nova TooF000240PFSPRCG?Hallock MMAN1967-11-NovRC model for single or multi-engines?
DH 85 Leopard MothF000241PFSP42 1/4 inFFBill WarnerMAN1967-11-NovRubber Scale model
Macchi Castoldi MC-72F000242PFSP25 3/4 inUCGBizzozero EAeromodellerCL7881961-05-MayItalian design scale model - Scneider Cup racer
Fly RodF000243PFSPFFGBeach DMAN1961-01-Jan1/2 A competition design
Curtiss RobinF000244PFSPFFTaylor WMAN1961-01-JanRubber scale for indoor flying
Miss AmericaF000244PAVANZ84inFFGFrank ZaicScientific1936Very old plan plus redrawn wing
Miss America 1960F000244PPreviewFSPFFGWagner JMAN16A1961-01-JanHalf size version of original - for .020 engine
DuranitaF000245PFSPFFGSorey K & Willard KMAN1953--08-Aug1/2 A biplane sport model - see also F000590
Curtiss SeagullF000246PFSPUCGEaly DMAN1953-08-Augscale design for -29 cu in motor
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