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MIG-15F001877PFSPFFGPaxtonMAN1955-09-SepDucted fan free flight model
MIG 29F001878PFSP3Vfrom Japanese book
Mitsubishi ZeroF001879PFSPFFRscCleveland KitSF-86
NASA Space ShuttleF001880PFSP17inFFGGoodall D JAeromodeller1990-10-OctMills 0.75 shown (as pusher)
Navy Troop Glider (Waco?)F001881PPreviewFSPGStahl EarlMAN1944-01-Jan
Nieuport IIF001882PFSPFFRscGuillow Kit203
Nieuport IIF001883PFSP3V
Nieuport 17C.1F001884PFSP27inUCGModern HobbycraftDBHL 7481946Sheet wings. c/l details not on plan in Air Trails Annual 1946 P24
Nieuport XVIIF001885PFSPFFRscLindberg PaulPA1939-08-Aug
Nieuport Type 28F001886PFSPFFRscCleveland KitSF-30NBO?. With Magazine V1
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