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Travelair 2000F001593PFSP3VNieto JoeOriginal blueprint with blue background & white lines
Travelair Mystery RacerF001594PFSPUCGEaly DFM1950-04-Aprfor .23 cu in
Travel Air Mystery S (F001596P?)F001595PFSP24inFFMidkiff MGulf Coast Model AviationThompson Trophy Racer
Travel Air Mystery ShipF001595PFSPFFRscCleveland Plan
Travel Air Mystery ShipF001596PFSPFFRscMadison MACNBO
Vance Baby Lark V-S-1F001597PFSPVance AircraftOriginal blueprints for full size aircraft - early homebuilt
Vance Flying WingF001598PPreviewFSPFFRscScientific Kit1933 circasee also F002082
Vega Transport (Lockheed?)F001599PFSPFFRscComet KitNBO
Velie MonocoupeF001600PFSPFFRscMegow KitNBO
Velie Monocoupe (1929)F001601PPreviewFSP22inFFHerb ClukeyFlyline Models
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