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Stinson VoyagerF001574PFSPFFRscComet KitA6
Stits JuniorF001575PFSPFriestad RolandCAD drg enlarged from AT 5/51
Sukhoi SU-26F001576PFSP34inRCGZiroli NMAN1994-01-Janfor .074 cu in
Taylor E2B Cub (could be F001578P)F001577PFSP50inFFRscMegow4994 DBHLNice Jumbo rubber candidate
Taylor J2 Cub (VP1)F001578PFSP50inFFRscMegow KitB4Needs cross check against F001577
Taylor Cub 1937F001579PFSPFFRscHammer RAir Trails1940-04-Apr
TaylorcraftF001580PFSPFFRscCapitol KitA-280/281
TaylorcraftF001581PFSP54inFFRscKonofes JoeComet3505 (old P8) DBHL 4Candidate for Jumbo rubber
TaylorcraftF001582PFSPSolidMaircraft KitG4
TaylorcraftF001583PFSP22inFFRscComet KitE6
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