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Inland Sport Model R-400F001395PFSPFF/RCGFlyline Models Kit
Interstate CadetF001396PFSP35 1/2 inFFRscHenry StruckBerkeley Plan1941also 42in version filed under this ID
Interstate CadetF001397PFSPFFRscStahl EarlMAN1941-01-Jan
InvincibleF001398PFSPFFRscGates DickOriginal plane built by Invincible Metal Furmiture Co. Manitowoc Wis.
Irwin MT2F001399PFSP?Irwin Aircraft CoOriginal blueprints of full size aircraft - early homebuilt?
Isaacs Fury HomebuiltF001400PFSP3VIsaacs JAeromodeller1969-04-Apr
Jeannies TeenyF001401PFSPFull scale aircraft plans
JeepF001402PFSPRCGHaffke HSportsman Plan
Jodel D9F001403PFSP50inRCEEasybuiltAlso enlarged to 81in span
Johnson RocketF001404PFSP30 1/4 inUCGModern Hobbycraft1946for Bantam
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