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Vought Kingfisher OS2U-1F000168PFSPUCGMoynihan JMAN1954-03-Marfor .35 cu in
Curtis HelldiverF000169PFSPUCGMag Plan Service
Percival GullF000171PFSP18inFFRscComet516Kit plan with all parts. Designed for F C Sweeten Ltd. Blackpool England
ScramblerF000172PFSPUCGMcBrayer LMAN1954-10-OctTeam racer for .29 cu in (Class B)
MaybeF000173PFSPFFGHartzell PMAN1954-10-Octfor .09 cu in engine scaled up Willard Drake
Sky WingF000174PFSPFFGBroggini DMAN1952-05-May1/2/A Flying Wing
ChallengerF000175PFSPUCGShulman LMAN1952-05-MayTeam racer for .29 cu in (Class B)
Rex Gordon Bennett Racer 1912F000176PFSPFFGHannan BillAT1966-09-Sepfor .010 cu in. Monoplane.
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