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Bebe Jodel J9F001203PFSPRCGRadio ModellerRM106
Bede BD4F001204PFSPFFRscPlecan PaulSeparate instruction sheet
Beech BaronF001205PFSP47 1/2 inRCGCaldwell GMAN1982-03-MarAlso enlarged to 64in span.
Beech StaggerwingF001207PFSPUCGSkeeks JAir Trails1964-06-Junsemi scale stunt design
Beech StaggerwingF001208PFSP24inFFRscPond BertPaul Jones Kit350-C
Beech Model B17L StaggerwingF001209PFSP30 1/2 inFFRscMegow KitF5
Beech Model B17L StaggerwingF001210PFSP24inUCGScientific KitClass B engine
Beech Model B17 StaggerwingF001211PFSP7inComet KitB15Solid scale model
Beech StaggerwingF001212PFSP3VFleming W
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