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Electric YogiF001154PFSP50inRCESrull DRCM1988-05-MayReplica pusher adaptation of original Jerry Stoloff design
Zeus Mk IVF001156PFSP50inRCGHartman DPattern design
ZingF001157PFSPUCGGoldberg CarlAmerican HobbyKit plan
ZippF001158PFSPFFRvComet Kit
ZipperF001159PAVANZ54inFFGGoldberg CarlComet Kit4481939Redraw by Gene Wallock all parts incl. Reprinted by MB 10/73
ZipperF001160PFSP54inFFGGoldberg CarlComet kit1939original Comet kit plans
Zipper AF001161PFSP32inFFGNBO
Zipper JuniorF001162PFSPFFGComet kitP-8NBO
ZippyF001163PFSPFFRvComet kitA-2Sport design
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