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TrooperF001135PPreviewAVANZ36inGLZaic FrankJasco1943small towline glider
TrooperF001136PFSP36inGLFrank ZaicJetco Kit
Up N AtomF001137PFSP24in?FFGspDelgatto PaulFlying Models1953-08-AugSport novel 049 twin fin for 1/2A engine
DV-16F001138PFSPFFRvBerkeleyDouble size version of original Berkeley Kit plan
VikingF001139PPreviewFSPRCEBoucher BobMB1985-01-JanEnlarged version of Cleveland design
VillagerF001140PPreviewFSPFFMarco KitOld Timer
Viper IIF001141PFSPUCGChina CMAN1966-09-SepProto speed design
WAGF001142PFSP60inRCGGood WalterAir TrailsHH plan 454A1954-04-Aprfor .29 cu in
WanderlustF001143PDBHL71inFFGNovotny ArthurFM1952-04-Apr
MS WaspF001144PFSP42inFFGT R KennedyModel Shop
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