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Thermal BaggerF001115PFSPFFRvPatti Steve
Thermal Chaser IVF001116PFSP44inFFRvwClayton EarlFM1951-04-AprWakefield
Thermal HunterF001117PFSPFFRvdZaic FrankAmateur Craftsman1937 circafrom Encyclopedia of Things to Make
Thermal TravellerF001118PFSPFFRvJasco kit
Thermic CF001119PFSP36inGLZaic FrankJasco kit
Thermic CF001120PFSP36inGLZaic FrankJasco kit
Thermic 36F001121PFSP36inGLZaic FrankJetco Kit
Thermic 50F001122PFSP50inGLZaic FrankJasco kit1946 circaphoto of original Thermic 50 with V tail in MAN 11/43
Thermic 50F001123PFSP50inGLZaic FrankJetco Kit
Thermic 50-XF001124PPreviewFSP50inGLZaic FrankJasco kit
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