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Junior CruiserF000934PFSPUCGCustom Model & Supply1946Sport design
Junior EnduranceF000935PFSPFFRvdClassic EraRubber OT from Continental MAC
Mini KerswapF000936PFSPFFR/CO2Al LidbergSmall version of Old Timer
KGS (Kovel Grant Struck)F000937PPreviewAVANZ66inFFGStruck HenryMAN1940-02-FebEarly pylon design for .25 cu in. Also Air Age Gas Models & MB12/80
DethermalizerF000938PFSP50inFFRvdKorda DickAir Trails1942with construction article from Air Trails
1946 Tow Line GliderF000939PFSP55 1/2 inGLKorda DickAir Age Gas Models
Korda WakefieldF000940PAVANZ44.5FF1939-11-NovWakefield
Korda's Wakefield WinnerF000940PFSP44inFFDick KordaOldtimer Model SupplyBob Jones drawing.
Lanzo BomberF000941PFSP96inFFGLanzo Chester1938Classic Old Timer.
Nationals Stick WinnerF000942PPreviewFSP55inFFLanzo ChesterAir Trails1940-12-Decanother classic open rubber. Also MB 11/74
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