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Civy Boy 61F000834PFSP61inFFGvGilliam PaulMAN1953-12-DecFor .29 cu in. with article from MAN.
Civy HearseF000835PPreviewFSPFFGvGilliam PaulMAN1950-05-MayPaa load model
Class D Contest ModelF000836PFSPFFRvdStahl EarlMAN1944-02-Feb
ClipperF000837PAVANZ72inFFGGoldberg CarlCometT719383 shts incl all parts. .60 cu in gas or .35 cu in glow
Clipper JuniorF000838PFSP36inFFGGoldberg CarlCometP6Incl printwood
Super ClodhopperF000839PFSPFFRwCahill JimAir Trails1941-05-MayVintage wakefield
Cloud DancerF000840PFSPRCGRCM1993-06-JunLow wing sport model
Cloud KittenF000841PFSP48inRCGReese FRCM1999-11-NovSport design for .15 cu in
CombatF000842PFSPFFRspFalcon KitNBO
Combat & Controllable KitesF000843PFSPAir Trails7541954-07-JulTwo semi-scale kite plans
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