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Sikorsky GrandF000814PFSP3VWoodman HWW1 vintage of 4 engine giant
Super SnifferF000816PFSP48inFFGMidwest304Contest design for 1/2A. NBO. Also Jin O'Reilly plan version.
Howard GH1F000817PPreviewFSP24inFFRscStahl EarlMAN1942--8-AugRedrawn by RWF
Tan-GiroF000818PFSPUCGClough RAir Trails9551955-09-SepTandem gyrocopter for .15 cu in
TIFO (Trainer Indoor Flying Object)F000819PFSPRC?Creigh DRC Indoor model - probably electric power
DH 82 Tiger MothF000820PFSP44inFFGStaff A/MAeromodellerFSP5551954-10-OctFor 1/1.5cc diesel
ToreadorF000821PPreviewFSPFFGMcCullough ClaudFM1948-06-JunSuper contest model for Class B
Cadet MajorF000822PFSP29 1/2 inFFRvdBunch J DBunch Model AircraftNBO
Bunny Talby PinupF000823PPreviewFSP1957-07-Jul
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