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Sopwith PupF000716PFSP40 1/2 inFFGFisher G EAeromodellerFSP3051948-12-Decfor 1/1.3cc diesel
ABC RobinF000717PFSP36 1/2 inFFRscRiding EddieAeromodellerFSR2391946-07-Julconversion for power on plan
Douglas O-46AF000718PFSPFFRscMcHard JAeromodellerFSR5181953-07-Julscaled to 1/16
Fokker F-VIIB 3M Southern CrossF000719PFSP54inUCGAckroyd LAeromodellerCL6881958-03-MarSingle engine with two free wheeling. For 2.5/3.5cc diesel.
BumblebugF000720PFSPUCGHowell LAeromodellerCL4371951-07-JulStunt model - for 1.5cc diesel
Miles Hawk Speed SixF000721PFSP52inFFGGolding DAeromodellerFSP4341951-07-JulLow wing scale for 1.5/2.5cc diesel
Stinson 105F000722PFSPFFRscNoonan Jim1940 circaBerryloid Finish winner 1940 Nats
Blackburn 1912 MonoplaneF000723PFSP48inFFGFinucane AAeromodellerFSP5671954-11-Nov1/8 scale. Perfect for Mills .75
TototlF000724PPreviewFSPFFGVela AlSIG3
Miles Atwood SpecialF000725PFSPFFRscCaler JohnCaler Plans31966 circa
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