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Great Lakes Factory DrgsF000628PFSPFactory drgs for full size aircraft
Baby Great LakesF000629PFSPPlans for full size home built
DakotaF000630PFSP24inFFG?Veco Kit planSport design
Great Lakes TrainerF000631PFSPFFRscClevelandSF-1G
Little ArcyF000632PFSPRCGMiller BFM1955 circaSport model for .099 cu in. First RC by RWF.
Dakota GrandeF000633PFSP60inRCGWrisley RMA1981-11-NovEnlarged version of Veco Dakota for .60 cu in
Endurance FlyerF000634PPreviewFSP20inFFRvGuillow Paul1936 circa
FlamingoF000635PPreviewFSP72inFFG?Eagle KitAmphibian. On 3 shts with some wood parts
Nieuport ScoutF000637PFSP27inUCGSmith CalMech Illus.379scale for .19 to .30 cu in
Sky HopperF000637PPreviewFSPFFRvMech Illus.363
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