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DrakeF000590PPreviewFSPFFGWillard KenMAN1951-11-NovFlying boat for .1/2A engine. Also in MAN Annual 1960.
DuranitaF000590PFSPFFGWillard Ken & Storey KMAN1953-08-Aug1/2A sport biplane
Gee Bee Super SportsterF000590PFSPUCGMcBrayer LMAN1951-10-Octscale for .19 cu in. Also in MAN Annaul 1960
Howard Hughes Record RacerF000591PFSP25inUCGSmith CalMech Illus.381scale for .49 cu in
Vought Corsair F4U-1F000593PFSPUCGMod. Hobbycraft
Focke Wulf FW 190A3F000594PFSPUCGMod. Hobbycraftsee also F000210
Piper Sky Sedan PA-6F000595PPreviewFSPUCGPlecan PaulMech Illus372
Ryan Spirit of St LouisF000596PFSPUCGMusciano WaltMech Illus415
Douglas DC-3F000597PFSPUCGKohn GMech Illus391
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